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The strictest and most severe dominas for live femdom cams are the black mistresses. Ebony women all have a certain degree of attitude any way but naturally dominant ones are extremely cruel and sadistic when it comes to dealing with their insignificant and feeble male slaves. With their dark skin, dark eyes and imposing aura of power that they omit, any black femdom Mistress that you choose to serve on this site will leave you in no doubt what so ever just who is in charge.

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This is one of the best ebony femdom cam sites on the internet and it has dozens of powerful black women online who are ready to dominate and control you. They love to have weak slaves like you with no back bone or self respect crawling around on the floor at their feet. They love to spit on you and slap you around for no other reason than just because they can.

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Using the search button, you can have access to every dark skinned mistress on this site but which ever one you select, you can be guaranteed that she will be strict, severe and will have zero tolerance for back chat or wannabes. Ebony females are all naturally dominant and they expect total and complete respect and for you to follow orders at all times.
One of their favorite things to do to slaves is to totally degrade them by making them kiss her big black ass. All chocolate ladies have big round bubble butts any way so as soon as you enter the private cams chat area, she will make you get on your knees then she will turn around, hitch her skirt up and bend over. Then she will click her fingers and that is your cue to lean forward and start planting kisses on her cheeks. As she laughs at you, she will slap her ass and jiggle it to really humiliate you.

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Or maybe she will demand you worship her feet. Taking her boots off, she shoves them up close to the screen for you to worship. With the dark skin on top and the lighter soles, a black woman’s foot is a huge turn on. She will circle it and dingle it in front of you. Telling you how to lick her soles and get your tongue between her toes. Kissing every inch. She will enjoy tormenting you by having her perfect female feet so close to you and your dick will be rock hard

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Another thing that black femdom Dominas do well and really enjoy doing in a cam show is small penis humiliation. After a life time of superior bbc, they will feel physically sick at the sight of your tiny white stub. They will laugh at it and ridicule it with the harshest and most vicious put downs you ever heard. The perfect accent they have makes it all the more severe and they will mercilessly rip your man hood to shreds. SPH cams is some thing that all mean bitches online inflict on their slaves but an ebony dominatrix can be

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particularly cruel and nasty. They make you measure your non existent dick against biro lids, aaa batteries, chipolata sausages and baby carrots. Any thing that will dwarf your penis and make them laugh. Maybe they will also inflict some cock and ball torture on you as well? Well, you are a tiny dick loser so it’s no good for satisfying a woman. Might as well abuse it. Ping it with elastic bands, slap it, smear it on hot sauce or chilli paste or stick tooth paste down the head, they will make you torture your junk till you are a sobbing heap on the floor, pleading for mercy.


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There are all kinds of ebony Mistress online here and you can have bbw, teenage, milf, tattooed or pierced. What ever kind of black woman you dream of being controlled by, she can be found on here. They are all highly experienced in the world of bdsm cams and they can give you the female domination session you desire and deserve. They are extremely cruel and heartless ladies and they do not care one little bit about how much you are in pain or how humiliated you feel.
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Can you imagine being made to follow the 10 rules.

  • Stand to attention
  • Strip Naked and spread your legs
  • Thank Mistress at all times
  • Curtsey and obey Mistress
  • No eye contact  allowed
  • Do not speak unless spoken to
  • Lick your female dominants boots
  • Beg to speak
  • Know your place at all times
  • Suck cock if ordered to